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Turners' Mill

Turners' Mill Carbon Abstract Kirinite Acrylic Knife Block - 150x40x31mm (5.9x1.57x1.22")

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Knife handle block measuring 150x40x31mm. Pattern is all through the material so it can be cut, carved and polished while still retaining its appearance.

Product Type: Knife Block
Material Type: plastic
Material: Kirinite Acrylic
Colour Group: grey,black
Colour and Pattern: Carbon Abstract
Length (metres): 0.15
Length (yards): 0.16
Size (imperial): (5.9x1.57x1.22")
Size (metric): 150x40x31mm
Cutting Method: saw,laser,mill,carve
Glues With: binding cement,epoxy,e6000,superglue
Parent SKU: RF1050
MPN: RF1050
EAN: 5055719971665
Country of Origin: IT