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Tormek EM-15 Edge Marker

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The Tormek EM-15 Edge Marker is a high-quality, permanent marker with a chisel tip to easily color the bevel when you want to find and replicate the tools existing edge angle. The Edge Marker is used in the Tormek Marker Method when you want to sharpen your tool to its existing edge angle. This way you only remove minimum amount of steel to get your tool back to its original shape. The marker is alcohol-based and has a line width of 1-4.6 mm (1/16”-3/16”). The Tormek Marker Method Color the bevel, mount your edge tool in the right jig and place it onto the Universal Support. Turn the grindstone by hand and check where the coloring is removed. Raise or lower the Universal Support until the coloring is removed from the tip to the heel. Now, the angle is just right and it’s time to start sharpening!

Manufacturer: Tormek
Product Type: Edge Marker
Parent SKU: RF5298
MPN: EM-15
EAN: 7392485006299
Country of Origin: SWE