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Flexcut FRP310 Premium Beginners Palm Set

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This very popular set is great for those just getting started or those with more experience who like to carve smaller sized projects. The handle fits comfortably in the palm, allowing for good control close to your work. The five profiles can perform a variety of tasks and carve moderate detail. Palm Tools included: FR308 #2 x 5/16", FR305 #3 x 3/8", FR306 #6 x 5/16", FR309 #11 x 1/8", FR307 70 deg. x 1/4". Dimensions Length: 1.75 inches Width: 7.75 inches Height: 6.25 inches Weight: 15.10 Pounds

Manufacturer: Flexcut
Product Type: Premium Beginners Palm Set
Parent SKU: RF5327
UPC: 651646013109
Country of Origin: US