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Turners' Mill

Turners' Mill Pietra Polyester Turning Blank - 63.5x45x45mm (2.5x1.77x1.77")

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Handmade polyester rod specially developed for turning and carving. Ethical modern alternative to natural animal and stone materials. Stable and consistent, easy to work on a lathe or with carving tools, and polishes to an excellent finish. Pattern runs all through the material so will retain its appearance however it is shaped. 63.5 x 45mm (approximately 2.5" x 1-3/4") rounded rod, ideal for shaving brushes and other wider pieces.

Product Type: Turning Blank
Material Type: plastic
Material: Polyester
Colour Group: green
Colour and Pattern: Pietra
Length (metres): 0.06
Length (yards): 0.07
Size (imperial): (2.5x1.77x1.77")
Size (metric): 63.5x45x45mm
Cutting Method: saw,mill,carve,lathe
Parent SKU: RF1064
MPN: RF1064
EAN: 5055719971801
Country of Origin: IT