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Turners' Mill

Tormek HTK-806 Hand Tool Kit

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This kit includes all the jigs you need for sharpening your knives, scissors, draw knives, small knives, flexible knives and axes as well as short chisel and carving tools. The perfect kit to sharpen all your hand tools. This set includes, TC-800 Tormek Case, HTK-00 Storage tray for hand tool kit, SVM-45 Knife jig, SVM-140 Knife jig, SVM-00 Small Knife Holder, SVX-150 Scissors jig, SVA-170 Axe jig, SVS-38 Short Tool jig.

Manufacturer: Tormek
Product Type: Hand Tool Kit
Parent SKU: RF5292
MPN: HTK-806
EAN: 7392485007111
Country of Origin: SWE