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Pegas 90.6x3 Scroll Saw Blades Starter Pack - 130mm (5.1"), Set of 18

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The Pegas Wood Scroll Saw Blade Starter Pack consists of 18 x 130mm plain ended blades: 3 each of No.1, 3, 5 and 7 skip blades, and 3 each of No.3 and 5 variable geometry blades. This pack is designed to give the beginner scroll saw user an idea of what each common blade does and allows the user to determine which blade is best suited to their scroll sawing work. Made in Switzerland from high speed steel.

Brand: Pegas
Product Type: Scroll Saw Blades Starter Pack
Length (metres): 0.13
Length (yards): 0.14
Size (imperial): (5.1")
Size (metric): 130mm
MPN: 90.6x3
EAN: 7640140817439