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Incudo N13 Tortoiseshell Cellulose Acetate Block - 165x100x8mm (6.5x3.94x0.31")

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Brand: Incudo
Product Type: Block
Material Type: plastic
Material: Cellulose Acetate
Colour Group: yellow,red
Colour and Pattern: N13 Tortoiseshell
Length (metres): 0.17
Length (yards): 0.18
Size (imperial): (6.5x3.94x0.31")
Size (metric): 165x100x8mm
Surface Finish: unpolished
Cutting Method: saw,mill,router,laser,carving
Glues With: acetone,superglue,binding cement
Parent SKU: RF2239
MPN: RF2239
EAN: 5055720108760
Country of Origin: GB