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Flexcut MT27 Micro Deep U-Gouge - 1.5mm

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MT27 1.5mm Micro Deep U-Gouge Perfect for: Miniature and fine detail work Cleaning up ridges created by gouge cuts Cleaning up tight corners Accessing tight spaces Carving fine details such as mouths and eyes, plus adding texture such as hair, fur and feathers Dimensions Length: 1.25 inches Width: 3.50 inches Height: 9.00 inches Weight: 1.60 Pounds

Manufacturer: Flexcut
Product Type: Micro Deep U-Gouge
Length (metres): 0.0
Length (yards): 0.0
Size (imperial): (0.059")
Size (metric): 1.5mm
Parent SKU: RF5320
UPC: 651646300278
Country of Origin: US