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dartfords Dark Mahogany Thixotropic Grain Filler - 400g Tin

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For use on open-pored woods such as ash and mahogany before applying a paint or lacquer finish. Fills the pores and uneven grain to provide a flat surface for finishing. Suitable for use under all of our paints, lacquers and dyes (not suitable for use with oil finishes). Available in a range of colours, use the one which is closest in colour to the wood you are finishing. Thins with white spirit or standard cellulose thinners. 450g tin is enough to to fill up to 2 square metres.

Brand: dartfords
Product Type: Thixotropic Grain Filler
Colour and Pattern: Dark Mahogany
Weight: 400g
Finishing System: grain & pore filler
Usage: interior
Application Method: scrape
MPN: FS5852
EAN: 5055719948629
Case Barcode: 5055720106520
Country of Origin: GB